Historic Racing

RaceArt has been participating since 2019 in Historic Racing.  In the NKHTGT (Dutch Championship Historic Touringcars & GT's) only cars from the period from '47 to '65 participate. With our Iso Rivolta from 1965 we took our first steps in this racing series in 2019. Compared to modern motorsport, you won't find any big teams and surely no computers, but instead you wil find pure back-to-basic racing in a relaxed enviroment.

Shelby Daytona

After a good start in 2019 with the Iso Rivolta, with as end result class champion, we are going to step up with a Shelby Cobra Daytona. This car has been purchased, stripped and is now under construction. This so that we can implement our own standards and try to take the most out of it. A great car in the base, we hope a very competitive car when we enter the track.


Not only do we focus on the old-timers, but also on the youngtimers. With our Zakspeed Ford Escort MK1 we look forward to participating in events like Peter Auto and FIA Masters Historic.

GT1 & 2 Legends

During the above events there is also room to release the brutal monsters of the recent past. In our collection we have a number of GT1 & GT2 cars from the period of the fantastic BPR and FIA GT era, that fit perfectly here.

Historic racing | Shelby Daytona
Historic racing | Shelby Daytona

Why old and youngtimers?

Old- and youngtimers have a special charm, for the public aswell as the drivers. The heroes of the past return to the circuit. A Spartan variant when you compare it to modern motorsport. That is precisely why we are joining here. The competition, the pure racing, and the driver who makes the difference. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere. What else does a human want?

Peter Auto
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