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In 2005 two dutch brothers, Roger and Edward Grouwels met up with MMR: Marwin Moonen Race service company (maintenance and repair). Together they started Rudolph Racing Team, named after the famous party drink Rudolph.

The Rudolph racing team participated in the prestigious Belgium “Belcar” championship in the year 2006. Rudolph’s drivers were among the first teams in Europe to drive a Dodge Viper SRT10,  with this reliable car and constant driving skills the team gained several podium finishes in a very competive starting field.

The succesfull year in the Belcar series was followed up with a newly bought Viper in the Dutch supercar challenge. At that time the two ex Audi DTM cars were unbeateble with a standard GT3 Viper, bud the 4th  place in the championship was a great result.

After the “Viper years” the Rudolph team concentrated on the Belgian BTCS championship and endurance races. A standard Renault Clio was striped down to the chassis and rebuild the car in to one of the fastes Clio’s in Europe. The crews hard work payed of by winning the 24 hour of Zolder and the 10 hour of Zolder in one year. BTCS was a succes as well, the two brothers became the runners up in the BTCS championship T2 class!

With positive results in the past the Rudolph team started the 2011 Dutch Supercar Challenge with the Renault Clio in the sport class and a Le Mans winning model, the Prat&Miller Corvette C5R GT1 in the GT class. Several former GT1 cars were driving the 2011 DSC GT championship, due the strong competition the championship was decident in the last race. Rudolph racing once again finished a championship on the podium, this time with a second place overall. The Clio showed some impressive competition agains the much more powerfull BMW en Lotus  cars, again a reliable car and constant driving skills payed off with a 5th place in the sport class.

For the future, Rudoph will join forces with Carworld Motorsport, Team RaceArt is born!

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