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Erol Ertan Megane 2010

Carworld Motorsport was founded in 1999 by Pieter Dubois. CM started its carrier in the Belgium endurance series “Zolder Touring Cup” with there BMW M3. One year later CM was able to bring 3 Renault Clio Cup to this endurance series. These cars were mend to be exclusive for cup races, CM developed a endurance package to race these cars for long distance races, with great success. The Clio won the champion ship in its debut year.

The same success story  was repeated one year later after CM brought the first Porsche 911 GT3 to the series. Again CM developed a specific kit to adapt to the series regulations and again won the series in GT Class.

In 2004 CM brought the first GT3 Dodge Viper to Europe. This car was build for a single make series in the USA. CM saw its potential and adapted the Viper to European standard. CM entered the Viper in the FIA 24 Hours in Spa. This is were Mr Stefane Ratel gave birth to his FIA GT3 championship.

CM continued the development for the Viper GT3 and entered in the Dutch Supercar Challenge in 2005. With a record holding points status CM won the DSC in 2005.

During the development programs CM continued there relation with Porsche Motorsport, and again entered a cup car in to a endurance champion ship. (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup)

Corvette: CM started in 2006 a complete new development project with the Corvette ZO6. A high spec. racing car for open class road racing was realised in a very short time frame. Its debut at  Spa-Francorchamps  came with a win.

Also 2006 was the debut year for the Renault Megane Trophy in the Dutch Supercar Challenge. The Megane is the purest Racing machine we worked with.

2007  we continued the Viper program as a customer project. The level from the series were at that point at a extreme high level. A former DTM Audi won the title just 2 point ahead  of our Viper. Drivers: Philippe Ribbens/Robert de Graaf. (ETEC)

2008 /9  we brought the Renault program to its highest spec. A very well balanced, pure racing machine  was the end result. Competing in the strongest class in the champion ship among many Porsches and other factory race cars gave us a great drive to win. So we did many times!

2010 we entered the Qatar National championship. Rob Frijns won dominant! Also Rob won the Supercar Challenge SS1 with his son Charlie in our Porsche 997 GT3

2011 CM completely renewed her car collection, we sold our Renaults and bought our 4th Porsche, the Mosler Mt900, the Radical SR3RS and the ex factory Corvette C5R. Porsche 997 Class winner in the jan 2012 24H Dubai was our "high" not to forger the respected "Eugene Janssen" award we received at the end of the Supercar Challenge season which was the best compliment we ever received.

2012 gave birth to Team RaceArt, follow us now!!!

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